Meet the Workforce Professionals 



Kendra Carrone  (Local Area Coordinator & Director of Center Operations)    

  "As the team's leader, I enjoy working with staff to develop their skills and I love seeing      the excitement in the eyes of staff when they succeed in connecting a job seeker with        an employer.  Also, I like meeting with partners in the community to brainstorm ideas on    how we can share and leverage resources to best meet the needs of the businesses        and residents of our community."

Plaquemines Business & Career Solutions Center


Linda (Career Services)  "It is my passion to assist job seekers with highlighting skills in their resumes or with                                                    finding the training required to obtain those skills and find desired employment."


Robin (Business Services)  "Robin's my name....employment's my game!"



Ingle (Veterans)   "It is my number one priority to serve as a beacon for disadvantaged                                                                             veteran job seekers." 


St. Bernard / Plaquemines Business & Career Solutions Center


Angela (Career Services)   "My employment with the Career Center has allowed me to have an significant impact  

                                             on our customers’ career choices and often improvement in earnings capabilities."


Debra (Youth Services)    "Committment to our youth really is a journey towards the future."



Cindy (Business Services)    "Working on Employer based training helps to create job stability and higher earning

                                               potential for both the employer and the job seeker; a win, win situation."


St. Tammany Business & Career Solutions Center


Mary (Career Services)    "With over 25 years of experience as a Career Specialist, I have to say I most enjoy

                                           hearing from our customers how the services we provide impact them and help them

                                           attain their goals."


Loretta (Career Services)    "Seeing the change in a person from just coming in our doors to completing a training

                                               or certification program is what I enjoy most about my days!"


Debbie (Career Services)   "My focus is to enhance our customers’ visits to ensure they have a great experience,

                                             while assisting them with job search, resumes, interview tips, etc."


Denise (Youth Services)    "I am dedicated to improving the lives of youth today for a better tomorrow!"


Shermeeka (Disability Resources)    "Meeting the needs of others helps satisfy my own in knowing that “One’s

                                                           success is not measured by the type of job, but by the enjoyment found in

                                                           doing it.”


Felicia (Veterans)   "As a veteran myself, I 'get it' and that's why I am A vet helping vets!


Paul (Business Services)    "I have been committed to workforce development for 30 years and it takes hard work.  

                                             I agree with Elbert Hubbard, 'The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do

                                             good work today.'”


Mike (Business Services)    "I enjoy collaborating with our community partners, and sharing the benefits of working

                                             together while Recruiting & Placing applicants with employers."


Jasmine (Business Services)   "Your Business is My Business!"