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Pre-registered Job Seekers Only


This is the complete list of employers, their job openings, and, for many, what they specifically want you to know BEFORE you visit their table on Tuesday.  

INSIDER TIP: Employers do not always list all of their job openings!  Often, professional level, specialty positions for which they only have one or two openings or other positions that they have not yet made public will not be listed, but you can bet that recruiters are on the lookout for that shining star.  If there is an employer that you are interested in, but they are not listing any positions that you are seeking, still take the time to introduce yourself, let them know about your skills and ask them to keep you in mind if/when something comes available.

Insider Information for Job Seekers

We’ve talked to hundreds of employers and hiring managers.  They get stacks of resumes for each position and most get pitched, but YOU can rise to the top.  Check out these very important tips so that YOU can get noticed for all the right reasons:



Resume Review – Basic Checklist

This is not an all-inclusive list.

Your resume tells an employer a lot about what type of employee you might be.


  • Absolutely must be free of spelling errors. 

  • Is it overall visually appealing, professional and does it look original or does it look like it came from a template?  Templates often come across as “lazy” and that maybe you didn’t care enough to give it your all.  Templates can be a great starting point, but don’t forget to make it your own.

  • Fonts and Spacing

o   Single font style throughout that is simple/professional.  The header should be larger than the body.

o   Size is easy to read and likely ranging from 11 to 12 pt font for the primary content

o   Consistency in font styling – bold, italics, underlining are consistent throughout

o   White space - Is it easy to read.  Margins should be approximately between .7 to 1.0 in

o   If more than one page, is it balanced (does it look like that was on purpose or does it look like they just ran out of room, i.e., second pg. is less than half)

o   Is total length appropriate?  No one is 5 pages fabulous!

  • Email address is professional. is going to get noticed for the wrong reason

  • Does it contain the basic sections?

  • Contact info includes address, phone, and email

  • Summary of skills/abilities or brief statement of their value or relevant objective statement.  If the statement sounds like everyone else’s to you…then that is how it sounds to an employer.

  • Work Experience/history.  Typically, last ten years (plus or minus), but may also just be relevant history, which could be more or less.  It depends on how irrelevant the irrelevant experience is.  If large employment gaps exist, consider including volunteer work.

           o   Education, including relevant certifications (high school is usually only included in youth or where there is no post-secondary education

  • Includes dates month/year or even just year where appropriate for work history and education. 

  • Does NOT contain actual references, while statements like, references upon request will not hurt you, it is unnecessary

  • Avoid industry-specific jargon.  Acronyms are only used if the candidate is applying to jobs in the same industry.  Otherwise, is the language universal for various industries

  • Are accomplishment described in specific terms, such as: Increased sales by 20% year-over-year

  • Description of duties should be bulleted and not in narrative format.  However, can include sentence or two to describe the company/position before listing bulleted duties and/or accomplishments

  • Each job listed has approximately 4-5 bullets (if less, consider why to include the job; if more, is it concise? And is it information an employer would really want to know)

  • Are bullets in standard form •


Tuesday, October 16th

One of the Biggest Job Fairs in the Region


Employers looking to hire great talent !

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