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Workforce Development

Tri-Parish Works is made up of three Centers that are overseen by the First Planning District Workforce Development Board (WDB).  We envision a thriving and inclusive regional economy, with increased economic opportunity and prosperity for our entire region.

In this fast-changing, technology-driven economy, workforce issues must be an integral part of the response to position the region for sustainable economic growth. The stakes are high; if we do not act now, the region will face increasing challenges in retaining and growing well-paying jobs, and maintaining its economic strength in the global marketplace.
The First Planning District (WDB) and the Centers it oversees are uniquely positioned to prepare the local area to meet the expectations of its current and future employers. Through our role the workforce development authority for the tri-parish region, we have levers to align the skills and qualifications of the region's workforce to meet the needs of industry, so all can prosper and thrive.
Business Team

The Voice of Business

Our mission is to serve as “the voice of business” to influence the direction of all workforce development programs to ensure business needs are met.


Workforce Board Bylaws
July 2019

Equal Opportunity Coordinator Designation

One-Stop Operator Procurement

One-Stop Operator Agreement
Modified 7.1.2022

One-Stop Operator Agreement
Modified 12.28.2022

Our Promise is expertise and guidance in workforce development.

Vision is a thriving and inclusive regional economy.

Mission is to advocate and advance an employer-driven opportunity agenda that effectively prepares our citizens to compete in the economic mainstream.  To serve as “the voice of business” to communicate their employment needs and to influence the direction of all workforce development programs and services in order to ensure a business-driven system.
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