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Job Seeker Solutions

Learn how we can support you on your career path to gainful employment. Schedule in-person or virtual to talk to a Career Specialist  

  • Computers, Scanners, & Copier Access 

  • Career Development Services

  • Career Counseling

  • Career Development Services

  • Comprehensive & Specialized Assessments

  • Job Readiness Workshops

  • Job Search and Placement Assistance

  • Labor Market Information

  • Occupational Skills Training

  • Resume Review & Guidance

  • Supportive Services

  • Training/Certification Funding

Job Prep, Skills Training, & Employer Connections

Job interview

Everyone's career plan is different, let us support you with yours!

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We're here to help you navigate and explore your path to a successful career even if you're just starting out or lost a job.


If you need new skills to access great employment, then we may be able to assist with funding.  We also have access to hundreds of free online training and certifications. Our Career Specialists will help you get the training you need. 

Colleagues Working in Office

Find more job opportunities and explore career growth in various industries. Open more doors to employers with our direct employer connections.  Make an appointment with a Career Specialist. 


The On-the-Job Training (OJT) program helps job seekers gain access to more positions even when they don't have all of the skills needed to be 100% productive on day one. OJT is funding to help offset the employer's cost of your training. 

Conference Break Time

Our events are about connecting talent to opportunities! Network with employers in various industries searching for their team. We also host many workshops in the community.

ready to work

We are devoted to providing our local community with the necessary tools and resources to be successful in the workforce. Learn how to be the best job candidate and make a great first impression.

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Don’t have much work experience?  We're here to help you discover your strengths and gain new skill you'll need to succeed in the modern world.


Transitional Jobs offers temporary jobs experience to individuals who have been dislocated to the workforce for an extended period of time. 


Need internet access to apply for jobs, work of your resume, or have an interview on zoom, we've got you covered for your job-related and training needs.

College Library

Learn about labor market forecast and occupational trends nationally and regionally and gain insight on salaries ranges.


While we are not the unemployment office, we are a partner of the Louisiana Workforce Commission.  You are welcome to use our computers to file a claim, then meet with a Career Specialist so we can help you find new employment. 

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Robust online job search and job matching system powered by the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

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